3DEqualizer Point from Intersect Script

I’ve been working on a simple script for locating a point based on the intersection of two lines. The use case is where you’re tracking a corner and it goes outside of frame or is obscured by something in the scene. I was working a markerless shot where many of my points were corners of… Continue reading 3DEqualizer Point from Intersect Script

Fade Expressions in Nuke

Inspired by David Emney’s wave expressions for Nuke (https://davemne.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/nuke-wave-expressions-to-copy-and-paste/) I’ve compiled a handful of fade-in/out expressions. All expressions return values from zero to one, to flip simply subtract them from 1, add/subtract/multiply/divide applied to the outermost level of the expression will allow tweaking the min/max values. I’m not sure when these might be preferable to… Continue reading Fade Expressions in Nuke